Weekend Warriors

We non-parent married kids tend to take the weekend warrior thing a little seriously. We have no soccer games, no play dates… and so we work!

Last weekend we spent all weekend doing yard work. There was a rented tiller, 6 yards of dirt, 5 yards of mulch, and 2 gallons of paint. We were exhausted! And if this sudden freeze tonight (it’s been in the 70’s for WEEKS!!) doesn’t kill it all, we might actually have grass this year in our yard instead of clover! We also started the garden – potatoes and onions in the ground, and all the other vegetables are started inside.
But this weekend, I cooked. A LOT. I have 2 lasagnas, a double batch of daal, a crockpot of beef stew, and a prepped batch in the freezer ready for later. Oh, and I bought 6 pounds of clementines from Trader Joes. I don’t intend to cook anything for at least 2 weeks. Mmmm, delicious homecooked meals.
Totally worth it though. Next weekend – laundry? Ha!

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