Tasty Tuesday: “Philly” Cheesesteaks

Now, full disclaimer: these cheese steaks were made far outside of Philly.

A few weeks ago, a food truck in town was nearby and offering Philly cheesesteaks. I googled the truck to look up reviews and found myself in a tiny corner of the internet arguing over which cheese was preferred. [Wikipedia if you’re curious] Since this truck served cheese wiz as the cheese of choice – I decided to make my own. I didn’t bother to explain to the internet that there is no such thing as a West Coast Philly, that provolone is the only choice, and that cheesewiz is gross, no matter how loudly it protested.

The internet said the secret is: slice the meat while still frozen to make it thin! [Thank you Bobby Flay].




I didn’t follow the rest of the recipe and make any fancy sauces. I simply sauteed the meat, veggies, added some provolone (the clear choice) and toasted a roll. Delicious!



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