Biking Lessons

Since we’ve moved to our new town, we’ve discovered the joys of biking.  This is a very bike friendly town and we bike, basically everywhere. (I love it!)



As we come to the close of the summer, I thought I would mention a few of the things I’ve learned while biking around this summer.

Feet position matters when Stopping

When you stop, it’s very important to put one foot on the ground (so you don’t fall over) and one foot on the pedal so that you can easily push down to start going.  Otherwise, you end up doing this awkward scooty pedal thing all in a rush as soon as you start going again.  Hurried awkward pedal thing is a good way to fall off your bike. (if this doesn’t make sense, click this picture! This blog has a good explanation)

Bike Pedal thing

You are slower than cars: Don’t break just because they do

For the first couple of weeks I was biking, I would break every time I saw cars breaking for a stop light.  It took me a long time a little while to realize that by the time I pedaled ALL the way up to the stop light it would probably be green again.

Beware the Nice Leaf Blower People

They have these nice people who blow leaf blowers around to clear off the sidewalks.  And they always stop blowing when they see you approaching.  But, because, like, PHYSICS… the leaves/dust in motion stays in motion, and can continue traveling into your eyeballs.  And if this theoretically happens, and you theoretically let go of your bike handle to theoretically wipe it out of your eyes and start to lose your balance and….

I’m just speculating here what might happen.  But it might be worth just slowing down a little before you get to the nice leaf blower people.


I have terrible posture in general, but I’ve been working on it.  Whenever I bike with better posture though, I am pretty sure everyone can hear that song from the Wizard of Oz playing for Miss Gulch, as I’m pretty sure that’s what I look like. So just imagine me, biking around, on the lookout for leaf blowers, singing “dun-dundun-dundun-dun”


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