Homemade Edible Finger paint

14415009882_38aa725bf2_bLast week was Jacob’s first Fathers Day and I wanted to do something special.  I got it in my head that E needed to make a card.  I knew from previous experiences that he’s really crazy about holding pens and crayons, but less about rubbing them on paper at this age (just under a year), so I knew that was out. Ah, but what about paint?

Well the interwebs spoke of some non-toxic paint that could be purchased, but I knew kids put everything in their mouth and non-toxic still doesn’t equal “should eat the entire container”.  So what about edible paint?  Pinterest to the rescue!  [Recipe for Edible Finger Paint].

Spoiler: it’s basically paper mache, so I’m hoping the art will last longer than some of the yogurt type recipes…

We had a BLAST! E poured the paint all over the bathtub (my plan for a slightly less messy craft) and did some foot painting as well. Ultimately, it got too slippery and we ended play time, but I will definitely try this again!





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