Introducing: Abimelech!

Some of you know that my husband is a biblical scholar (If you’re interested, read his blog here:, and the running joke since we announced we were pregnant was what sort of terrible Greek or Hebrew name would Jacob name our poor baby?

Some of his suggestions:
Loami – meaning “Not my people”
Chesed – meaning “loved”
and Abimelech – meaning “My father is the king”.

Abimelech won among our friends, and my poor baby has been referred to as Abimelech and “Bimmy”.

So no one panic, we didn’t have the baby yet and we didn’t name him Bimmy.  We bought the baby a fish.

A few months ago, Jake and I discovered this amazing company called Back To The Roots, which has designed this really awesome aquafarm.  Which we purchased for the nursery.  We were informed at Petco today that this is apparently “a thing”… but here is our lovely new family member: Abimelech the Betta Fish in his aquafarm, all ready to meet our new little man and to help us grow some basil, lettuce and wheat grass. 🙂 (We transplanted some basil from the yard… but there are 5 little pots up there.)

Setting up the tank:

Abimelech in the Nursery:


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