Framing a Rug

One of the alphabets we got for the nursery is this beautiful hieroglyphic rug from our friends Scott and Erika.  The only problem… I have no idea how to hang a rug.

Internetz to the rescue!

After reading a few different posts about options, I decided on the following process:

Step 1: Velcro the fringe
I bought some sticky velcro and stuck it to the back of the top of the rug fringe. (I also read about options of sewing this top section, but velcro seemed the easiest and least likely to end up with me in tears or the rug in tatters.)

Step 2: Pin the Rug
I also got a shadow box, which came with backing and pins.  I would note, I also stuck the sticky side of the velcro tape to the backing of the shadow box as well.

Step 3: Frame
When the shadow box was all assembled, only moments later, I was quite pleased with the results.

And that is the very last thing we needed to do in the nursery.  (Cough cough, hint hint, baby.)


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