Nursery Tour: Part 3 (The Alphabets)

This is the final installment of the Nursery Tour: The Alphabets!

Jake and I agreed pretty quickly that we wanted to do alphabets as a theme in the nursery.  It just sorta fits Jake and I thought it was an awesome idea!

The first alphabet we got was a Hebrew Alphabet from Jake’s parents.  They had actually picked this up for us when they were in Israel way before we got pregnant. We were pretty excited!

(The ABCs above are from my baby shower and my friend Gretchen who used them on a really cool diaper cake)

Next, my parents gave us these Greek Alphabet blocks, which I think are so cool!

The third alphabet we got was this hieroglypic alphabet from our friends Scott and Erika (still need to figure out how to hang this one)

And the fourth alphabet was an English alphabet also from my mom.  This is the sampler I crossstitched in the 8th grade. Mom had been saving it all these years to frame for a future nursery.  It turned out pretty incredible.  It also makes up for all the screaming and crying over how long this thing took way back when.

With that being said, I am soooo excited to meet this little guy and show him his room! 🙂  Officially the due date is July 4th.


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