My new very favorite lunch

Some of you know, I have a lunch problem.  Well, more specifically I have a microwave problem that leads to a lunch problem.  And now, being pregnant, and supposed to avoid deli meat, my lunches got downright hopeless.

But the other day I was at Panera, craving a sandwich like you wouldn’t believe, and I ordered their Mediterranean Sandwich.

After devouring it, I thought… I could make this!  And so I did. Over and over again.

Step One: The Bread!
Tomato Bread from Panera is pretty much my very favorite part. I order all sandwiches on this bread, even if they’re not supposed to come with that bread.  So, you can buy some tomato bread from Panera. OR, my CSA (PapaSpuds) offers a Sun-dried Tomato Loaf most weeks from The Bread Shop.  Bread acquired? Let’s move on to:

Step Two: The Vegetarian Proteins!
Feta Cheese. (1/2 square inch, or a half a serving, crumbled)
Hummus. (1 tbsp)
Guacamole. (1 tbsp)
If you don’t eat these things, leave now, as you will probably hate this sandwich.

I use Athenos feta cheese (it’s pasteurized so I’m allowed!)  And Sabra or Tribe Garlic Hummus and Wholly Guacamole.  Sometimes I make hummus (fave recipe) and guacamole (fave recipe), but buying is easier.

Step Three: The Veggies!
You need a cucumber. (3 slices)
An onion. (a few strips)
A tomato. (one slice, halved)

Step Four: The Assembly!
Since this is usually a lunch thing (and I have been eating 5-6 smaller meals to help deal with the heartburn), I usually only eat a half sandwich for lunch.

  • First cut one delicious piece of tomato bread in half.
  • Then spread 1 tbsp of hummus on one half and 1 tbsp of guacamole on the other half.
  • On the hummus bread, carefully crumble a 1/2 serving of feta cheese onto the bread.
  • Now, on top of the feta, add 3 cucumber slices, a couple slices of onion, and 2 half tomato slices.
  • Now put the guacamole bread on top to close the sandwich.
The Nutrition!
If you are curious, I’ve calculated this delicious half sandwich to be:
250 calories; 33 carbs; 9g fat; 9g protein; 3g sugar

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