Pantry Project

Oh the glorious pantry project.

Some background. Jacob is a very handy man.  Pretty much, when stuff breaks, Jake fixes it.  Or sometimes, he calls his dad or my dad and then he fixes it.  And when we moved into this house, our initial hope was actually to find a fixer-upper.  Unfortunately, we either had enough money to buy a small move-in-ready house, or a large fixer-upper… and no money to do the fixing-upping.  So we bought our move-in-ready house. (which we love!)

But it doesn’t have a pantry. (or a fireplace.) Those were pretty much my only two compromises.  So sometime, over 2 years ago, Jake decided to turn our shallow under the stairs coat closet into a large pantry/closet.  And he took a sledgehammar to the wall.  (I helped!)

Some of you remember, that a little while after that, our house got hit by a tornado.  And more importantly, with help from friends and family, Jacob repaired the house.  Understandably, pantry renovation comes lower on the priority list than “My shingles are missing and there is a tarp keeping water out”.

And then school and work happened.  And then I found out I was pregnant.  And since the pantry is currently living in the room that is going to be the nursery, The Nesting Diva got…. impatient.

So, Jacob, being totally drowned in school, had to call in some professionals to help finish up the pantry.

He and my dad wired the pantry for electricity and installed outlets and switches and lights.
Then he drywalled and mudded it himself. (I wish I had a picture of when it was just a coat closet. See that carpet? That’s where the closet used to end.)

Then the pros came. They smoothed some mudding, installed the floor, painted, and installed shelving.
After Day 1:

After (a rainy) Day 2:
Finished after Day 3! (and I ADORE it!)

So you know what this means!!  Next: Nursery pics! 😉  (Don’t hold your breath though… it’s going to take me awhile!)


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