Jasmine’s Spay

 Found this blog post as a draft from last March.  I had actually forgotten a lot of these details, so I thought I’d go ahead and publish it. 🙂

It was the day I had be dreading since last September. The day our darling Jack Russell Terrier gets spayed.

The night before I hadn’t slept at all. I had been up between the thunder and a especially nagging defect I couldn’t solve at work, plus worrying about all the things that could go wrong with Jasmine the next day…

On Wednesday morning, I got up to take Jazz to the vet. But before I could get there, I dropped my cell phone (again) and destroyed it. No longer little cracks in the glass, but full out hardware failure.

We went to a different vet – the one through the dog adoption agency, since the cost spay was included in our adoption costs. She had a nervous breakdown. She barked, she flailed. They finally came and took her away just so I could finish filling out the paperwork. Which of course made me more upset. And, I had to give them Jake’s number since I wasn’t going to be able to be contacted.
I was pretty stressed all day. At one point, I was giving Jacob a “at the top of my lungs” lecture about 4g networks (and that it’s a marketing term not a technology term.). Let’s just say, I probably wasn’t very pleasant, being so stressed and sleep deprived.

But Jazz came home and she was incredibly groggy and sore, but fine. And sneaky. I ended up having to gate her away from all furniture, because if i turned my back for 1 minute (to write an email, to get a glass of water, to do my job) she had jumped on the couch or the bed. Sneaky little thing.

She also attempted to jump several feet in the air to eat a bumble bee. Yeah.

But she and I had a great time hanging out for 4 days. And since I wouldn’t let her play with her big brother, she has learned a new trick. She jumps up into my lap and tries to put her toy in my mouth. Delightful. (Ok, it’s hilarious… but it makes it extremely hard to read a book…)

And she’s healing up quickly.  Should be 100% and allowed to fight brother pretty soon here.


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