I cooked dinner!!

Now that I’m 12 weeks pregnant, I am starting to feel a little better. Weeks 7-12 were pretty dismal.

Because of exhaustion, nausea and food aversion/smell aversion I did not:
– clean anything
– cook anything
– be in a house where food was being cooked
– open the fridge

I’m not 100% and some days are better than others, but I opened the fridge, helped Jake clean out the fridge, and cooked dinner! And did a load of laundry!

I didn’t get too carried away… Jake did all the smelly expired foods part (for the record, not grocery shopping or eating at home for a month or two means when we finished, our fridge was… Basically empty.)

And for dinner, I made chili, with a premade seasoning pack, instant rice, and mix cornbread….but I cooked. Jake was so excited that we weren’t going out for fast food…

Today, cookies, muffins, and some crockpot spaghetti is the plan. 🙂

Just hope this little baby will keep letting me feel a little better.


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