Pregnancy Pillow: Stolen!

Record ID: 12345
Title: Robbery
Time: 9:51:00 AM
Division: Family Crimes
Location: Diva House
Summary: 12/07/2012 at about 9:51 AM, Officers responded to the Diva house for a report of a personal robbery. When Officers arrived they learned that the victim had recently purchased a pillow to help her sleep on her side now that she is pregnant. When the victim left for work, two canine suspects immediately stole her pillow and claimed it as their own. One of the suspects has refused to move since the initial theft and was still at the scene of the crime.  The suspects were last seen still sleeping inside of the pillow. Suspect one was described as a tall, thin beagle mix male with itchy skin. Suspect two was described as a shorter, fuzzy haired jack russell known for sneak attacking people’s ears.

Adults Arrested: Tolpel and Jazz – they didn’t seem very sorry


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