Cleaning my house. In sprints. With Cookies.

This week, I stumbled upon a tumblr account that really appealed to my “Not Martha” style blog… only with an exorbitant amount of cursing.  😦 It’s called “Unfilth Your Habitat”.  I’ll boil it down for you:

1. You have a job, a family, roommates, homework, pets, and/or some other reason why traditional “Housekeeping” information seems outdated/ impractical/ stupid.
2. Your house/apartment/room is getting embarrassingly bad.
3. Stop whining, and spend 20 minutes intensely cleaning something, and then give yourself a 10 minute break. (To watch tv, or read, or surf the internet. I make cookies to reward myself for all my hard work!)
4. Vinegar and Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers are the most amazing cleaners on the planet.

So, taking this advice to heart… Here’s what has happened in my house in the last 2 days! This 20 minute intense cleaning… with a 10 minute reward… I have to say – it’s becoming addictive. Domestic Diva is cleaning this place!  Taking the before and after pictures are AMAZING motivation too!


One thought on “Cleaning my house. In sprints. With Cookies.

  1. I agree! Vinegar can be used for cleaning purposes. I don’t like the smell it leaves though. That’s why I still prefer using my reliable all-purpose cleaner. It’s strong in removing any kind of dirt, but doesn’t have a strong smell and is safe too!

    Skylar Cox

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