How to Throw a Birthday Party for your Dog

So here you are, looking for information on how to throw a party for your four-legged child, aka your dog.

First, Acknowledge.
It is important to recognize that you are crazy.  Awesome, creative, and loving… but crazy.  Don’t worry, no judgement here.  Just acknowledge where you are. In crazy town.

Second, cake.  
I found a lot of recipes online for cake that could be consumed by dogs and humans (usually something like “peanut butter carrot cake”.)  That sounded disgusting to me.  Instead I went the route of “making my guests uncomfortable because my cake just *looks* like something dogs eat.” aka, dog food cake.  It’s Reese’s cereal and it looks pretty gross! It was chocolate cake underneath, which you should definitely not share with your birthday children.

“Dog food Cake” for people!

And then of course, you need cake for the guests of honor.  It’s important to remember that your guests of honor might need a couple extra bathroom breaks after the party, since you gave them filet mignon dog food which they are not quite used to eating, but thought was delicious.

“Cake” for dogs!
“Nom nom we love cake”

Third, presents.
Dogs may not know how to open presents, but if you loosely tape them and put food inside, they will figure it out pretty quickly.

“Oh, we get it!”

Finally: hats!
And then the most important element of doggy birthdays. Dogs in hats!  AAahhhh!!

“Why do you do this to us, mom?”

 Make sure you take several pictures as quickly as you can, because dogs don’t seem to like hats nearly as much as you do.

Happy 1st birthday to Jazz and 5th birthday to Tolpel! 🙂 And thanks to my family (husband, parents, sister, and brother in law) for attending my ridiculous party.


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