Garden, Year 3!

We got started on our garden a bit early this year, and it’s going great! These seeds were all planted around the beginning of last month. (So early Feb) and we transplanted the peas and cucumbers into the bigger pots about 2 weeks ago.

We need to transplant those little ones probably this weekend. It’s musclin (lettuce mix) and spinach (in the container where everything is falling over due to the last watering), two types of tomatoes that are coming up nicely, and Serrano and bell peppers – but for some reason the bell peppers haven’t sprouted at all.

We also have a container with basil, oregano and thyme, but that’s barely sprouted as well.

We’re certainly getting a better feel for how to plant, how to water, what to do to care for them early – what we actually want to eat!

It’s been a mild winter, so I’m not craving spring like I normally am, but boy I could go for some garden fresh produce!


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