German Quiz?

I have now had 6 weeks of German Conversation I. That’s the halfway point. We had a popquiz this week…. Can you translate? (I’ll post the answers later, but I would love to see your best guesses in the comments. No cheating!). I knew almost all of them!

Translate the following:
(and note that number 9 says “man das” not “mandas”)


3 thoughts on “German Quiz?

  1. 1) How are you called? (proper you)
    2) Where do you live? (proper)
    3) The father worked for Cisco
    4) Mr Clark is hungry
    5)The children learn German
    6)The house is pretty and comfortable (or welcoming?)
    7)He will visit Germany
    8)Mr Clark is intelligent
    9)How do you say one in German?
    10) How goes it?
    11) Wir sprechen
    12) Ich weiss nicht 😉
    13) Sie Sprechen
    14) Wir Kaufen
    15) Sie lernt

  2. The only German I know is numbers 1-11, good morning, good day, do you speak German, no, yes, and “Verichte dich nicht” which I picked up from Phineas and Ferb. Needless to say….I failed your quiz. 🙂

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