German Breakthrough and Memory work

Today I had a major breakthrough. After halfheartedly trying to expose myself to German for about a year, I saw a German sentence that didn’t look completely foreign. In fact, I thought I could translate it. And with a little help from google translate, I discovered I could! This is the first time that German hasn’t looked completely unapproachable to me!

I’ve also been reading the German Way – a website for expats in German culture. Today I read a post of tips for suriviving the metric system (with a much more thorough explanation for each) I’m trying to memorize as much as possible before I go. The more I learn now, the easier the transition should be, right?

So things I’m trying to memorize this week:

  1. Celsius * 2 + 30 = Fahrenheit
  2. Kilometers * .6 = Miles
  3. Meters * 3 + 10% of meters = feet
  4. Liters / 4 = gallons
  5. Liters = 1.05 quarts (A liter bit more)
  6. Kilos * 2 + 10% of kilos = pounds
  7. 5 cm = 2 inches
  8. Liters /100 km -> mpg? You’re just out of luck.

wohnen (to live)

ich wohne wir wohnen
du wohnst ihr wohnt
er/sie/es wohnt Sie wohnen

heissen (to be named)

ich heisse wir heissen
du heisst ihr heisst
er/sie/es heisst Sie heissen

sein (to be)

ich bin wir sind
du bist ihr seid
er/sie/es ist Sie sind

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