Drinking from the Fire Hose

I have often wondered if I should carefully keep this blog about my domestic endeavors, or if it’s okay for my personal life to trickle in? Well, I have hit a brick wall in my brain, so here comes the personal stuff.

Jacob and I never do change halfheartedly. 3 years ago, it was “Graduate, start a new job, move, get married, adopt a dog.” And while I think that time of life will be hard to top, we are certainly coming close right now.

In the last month Jacob and I have changed churches (which was difficult, complicated, and emotional…) and I started a new job. So by day, I’m absorbing training materials and shadowing sessions until my brain is about to explode… and then at night we’re learning -either in a Membership class at church, in our new German class, in our new small group at our new church…

Forget domestic diva – I’m never home to domestic ANYTHING! Right now it’s a bit more of drowning diva. And as much as I am loving my new job and my new church, it will truly be a wonder if I survive the next few weeks.


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