Looking Forward

My very wise mother always tells me that everything in life is a tradeoff.

I chose to get married young, which means I get to “grow up” with my husband. But at the same time I miss being a young single professional woman in her 20’s. I’m not saying one of these is better or worse, they’re just different. And you always have to choose something.

Previously in my life, all goodbyes have been looking forward. I said goodbye to high school friends because I was looking forward to college. I graduated from college and said goodbye as I was looking forward to entering the professional world and getting married. But today, for the first time, the goodbye was bittersweet.

While I am looking forward to my new job, today I left an entire team of wonderful, smart, and fun coworkers and friends who I will deeply miss.

I will miss our silly lunch conversations. I will miss the absurdity and the geekiness. I will miss the love and the care. I will miss seeing them each day. I will miss their collaboration. I will miss their support.

And while I am looking forward to the new opportunity that life has presented me, I am also keenly aware that I am leaving behind something wonderful.


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