Christmas Gifts Part 2: Aprons

The other craft I attempted to do for Christmas this year was this “One Hour Apron“.
One hour my foot.
I have attempted to sew in the past. My mom has taught me enough that i could sew a button back on by hand… and I made a dress in High School…
Here are the things I learned
1. Patterns written by people who know how to sew, are usually written FOR people who know how to sew. Not being one of these people proved to be a problem.
2. Pinning is your friend. Pin EVERYTHING. Thoroughly. I pulled apart these aprons dozens of times, because fabric slipped, bunched, or otherwise moved while sewing.
3. Sewing is the smallest part of sewing. Most of it is cutting, ironing, pinning, scratching your head, ironing again, re-pinning… all for a glorious 15 seconds of pushing the pedal on the sewing machine. Then you’re back to the squinting, scratching, pinning and ironing again.
4. Don’t be fooled by the above fact. Go slow for all that is good and right in this world and do all the ironing and pinning and squinting, and even basting before you stitch. Or else, you too can pull everything out over and over and over and over again.
In the end, I learned a lot, and I still have to finish one stinking stitch on my sister’s apron. (Mom has had me pull that single stitch out at least 10 times.) But I ended up with 3 nice looking aprons and I might even attempt to sew something again in the future. Well… maybe.

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