Christmas Gifts Part 1: Personalized Mugs!

This year for Christmas, I decided to make my gifts. Having recently discovered, I had plenty of ideas… I just needed time and patience. So craft number one was these awesome personalized mugs! They have names on one side, and chalkboard goodness on the other.
Given that I currently have Crafting Level 1, It was a massive battle of trial and error. Armed only with a picture on pinterest of a vase and an idea of the mug in my head, I set out.

Version 1 – First, I tried Elmer’s glue. However, Elmer’s glue is no where near thick enough, and I ended up with a droopy mess. I washed the mugs and then I wrote the names on with a glue gun. Then painted over it with chalkboard paint. They took awhile (I kept having to redo the names) but eventually, I came out with a beautiful product. Until Jacob took his to work. The heat from the coffee melted off both the glue AND the paint!
Back to the… er… chalkboard.
Version 2 – I did a lot of internet research (the very best kind.) And found that you have to cure a ceramic – this entails putting a painted mug into a cold oven, heating to 350, baking for 30 minutes, and then letting it cool. Ok, problem one solved, but a hot glue gun is going to certainly melt off during the curing process. I tried it just to make sure – and yes. Big melty mess.
Jacob had some ideas but in the end, after much trial and error, and a little exasperated sighing (ok, I was screaming something about “stupid mugs, why did I even think I could make something?!!!”) we used puffy paint! (aka fabric paint).
I was very pleased and I hope all those who received them liked them. Plus, I leveled up to Crafing Level 2!

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