Carpet Magic!

This weekend I came home and the whole house smelled like dog.

Jasmine had an accident, but more than that. The whole bedroom just smelled like dog, the living room smelled like dog, the couch smelled like dog… And I was just not happy about it.  Especially since, now that we’re treating Tolpel’s allergies, he actually smells like a nice regular dog instead of a stinky dog.

And it had been a long weekend, so there was much crying and sighing as I looked around unhappily.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and articles lately about natural cleaners (including Heather’s Natural But Normal blog), so I thought “Hey, let’s see what some baking soda and vinegar can do.”  Amazing things. That’s what it can do.

Amazing thing number 1: Stink remover!
I sprinkled baking soda on my rugs, on my carpets, and on my couch. Then I sprayed the couch down with a half vinegar, half water solution and rubbed gently with a cloth.  For the floors, we had borrowed my mother in law’s wet vac (and still haven’t returned it, oops!), and so I put vinegar in the “soap” part and wet vaccuumed the floors. My house smelled like vinegar for about an hour, but afterward, everything was neutralized and my house looked great!

Amazing thing number 2: Spot remover!
I had 3 main spots areas I was concerned about.
 – A food spillage spot on the couch that had been there since we got married (so 2 years ish)
 – A previously sticky spot that was on the rug when we moved in (and had resisted a whole slew of cleaning chemicals)
 – A dark spot on the carpet where mud got ground into the rug and carpet cleaners didn’t help.

All I did was rub some baking soda into the spot, spray thoroughly with vinegar/water solution, and watch it bubble. Then I scrubbed a little with an old toothbrush and MAGIC, all gone!  No discoloration of the fabric, but perfect spot remover.  I was honestly stunned.

Anyway, I share these things because I am NOT Martha Stewart. I haven’t bothered to clean my carpets since we moved in, and I only vacuum when I have to. I hate cleaning, I hate knowing what cleaning supplies I even need… Having a spotless house is a large and impossible waste of time.  So when I figure out something quick, easy, cheap, that works on stains that I haven’t bothered to get out in 2 years… well, that’s something worth sharing with the larger community. 🙂


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