Kitchen Tricks

As much as I love cooking, I can get easily overwhelmed by complicated meals.  I have started doing a few things that I’m sure every cooking 101 class covers… but here are my favorite cooking tips!

1. Read the recipe first.  Not all recipes are equal. Sometimes they aren’t obvious that the 2 tbsp of butter are divided.  Sometimes they have that treacherous word “meanwhile”. *shudder*. A quick read of the recipe before you start makes sure the “meanwhile”s don’t defeat you.

2. Prep the food!  If you need 1/8 cup onion chopped and 1/2 cup bell pepper chopped, chop before you start! I only recently started doing this, and the onions would start burning while I furiously chopped peppers.

3. Relatedly, the most amazing “prep bowls” in the world – a muffin pan! Isn’t this ingenious?! Only one dish to wash!

4. When measuring multiple scoops of something, count while pouring each scoop clockwise.  Let me explain.  Say you need 2 TBSP of sugar, but you only have a tsp clean. Fine. You need 6 tsp.  No big deal.  But inevitably around tsp 4… Or was it 5?  Oh no, you’ve lost count.  When I do this, I put tsp 1 at the “12 o’clock” and the second tsp at “1 o’clock” in the bowl.  When I lose count, I can actually see where I am by where I just dumped my last tsp.  Brilliant!
Does everyone already know these? I feel like I’m the last one coming to this party.  And share your awesome tips with me!

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