Kinesthetic German

A few weeks ago, I decided to learn some German words through experience.  I made German food!

Einen Sauerbraten – sour meat or sour roast which I have been marinating for 2 days. (It can marinate up to 10.)

Eine Kartoffelklöße – potato dumplins. “Kartoffel” must some how be related to potatoes or mean potatoes, because there is Kartoffelsalat, Kartoffelpuffer, Kartoffelsuppe…

It was DELICIOUS.  Although, 2 people (one from Berlin and the other who has German parents) recommended that in the future I purchase Panni brand mix for the Kartoffelklöße.  I think I;ll try that, because they turned out kinda wet.
Anyway, if this is what German food all tastes like, I’m going to be just fine there. Yum!

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