New puppy!

I know I haven’t been so domestic diva-ing lately.  (but will be coming back soon, I promise!)  To be honest, I’ve been just trying to survive.  Jacob started a new job a few months back, and then his softball season picked up as well as several other responsibilities… and then we got a new puppy!!

Everyone, meet Jasmine.  Or Jazz as well call her.

Having a puppy is a very new experience for us.  Suddenly we have middle of the night potty breaks, lots and lots of chewing, and puppy jealousy!  Tölpel, who has always been very obedient and somewhat uncaring of toys now wants whatever toy Jazz has.  And she will take whatever he has out of his mouth if she can. Even when she has an identical bone already.  But they are so loving and we are really enjoying it.  And the two of them are really starting to get along.  They play together and even cuddle sometimes.  

And “mommy” and “daddy” are loving it!


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