Bathroom Cleaning Magic

I really hate cleaning the bathroom. But my hubby hates it more. And I hate doing dishes… so… I do the bathrooms. But I’m constantly looking for things to speed up that horrible process. I think I’ve found my 3 secret weapons.

Secret Weapon # 1: A true (cheap) all-purpose cleaner
A friend of mine, Erika, told me that the thing that slows you down the most in cleaning the bathroom is that constant switching of cleaners and rags as you go. If you find something you could actually use on all surfaces, including the mirror, etc, it would speed you up considerably.

I use a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. It’s cheap, easy, and it works! Much better than my other non-bleach cleaners for sure! And yes, your bathroom does temporarily smell of vinegar, but as soon as it dries, the smell is gone!

Secret Weapon # 2: Magic Mold fighting cleaner
Another friend, Heather, started a blog called “Natural But Normal” that I’ve been reading. I asked her for a suggestion for a cleaner that could fight my mold and mildew problem that I’m constantly battling in my shower. She had a couple suggestions, but the one that has worked the best is a tea-tree oil based cleaner. I bought this tiny bottle of tea tree oil at Trader Joes, and you use 1 tsp of oil to 1 cup of water in a spray.

Not only does it battle the mold better than my bleach-based cleaners, but since it’s natural, I actually just keep the bottle in the shower and spray down the curtain every morning right after I take a shower. Quick and easy!

Secret Weapon # 3: No more gross washclothes
When I first got married, my mother in law told me to try used dryer sheets as a cloth when cleaning the bathroom. They’re so thin, so I use gloves when I’m using my regular cleaners, but not with my vinegar solution… They are soo easy to use and can really do a lot of the scrubbing for you, because they just have so much grip. I always keep a box of them when i pull a load of the dryer and just grab 1-2 when I need to clean the bathroom.

And I gladly welcome any other suggestions that save this diva time doing stupid stuff like cleaning and give me more time to do stuff I want to do. Like cooking and eating and messing around with my computer.


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