Vacation Adventure: The Sea, The Sky, and Man

Note: This is another post which was made while I was off adventuring

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yesterday we went to the Chicago aquarium. Jacob took a lot of great video – that works better for fish, I think. They move. 🙂 [insert video]. We had a really fun time. I kinda felt like a kid, seeing the polar bears and the penguins and the jelly fish (Which are much less scary when they are in their tanks and unable to sting you while you swim.) And we got to see the dolphin show, which was very cool. (By the way, if you’re planning to visit Chicago, go ahead and get the CityPass. We saved so much money and many hours in line.)

Next we went down to the beach – I really enjoyed people watching there. People are the same everywhere, and I could have stayed there for hours making up voices for all the tourists and locals wandering around.

Then we went up to Hancock Tower at night. What a gorgeous view of the city. I was really glad we did that.

Then today we spent several hours in the Chicago Art Institute. While I could have stayed forever in the medieval, renaissance art (particularly the religious art, and into the impressionists) after a few hours of Monet, El Greco and Cranach, Jake and I were exhausted. We found the van Gogh section and spent a little time there before wandering into Modern art to find Picasso. Picasso is really fun, but what art spirals into as a result of the modern changes is confusing and intimidating to me. We left the museum soon after to take a break.

We then went up in the Sears tower (Or Willet Tower, since they renamed the silly thing…) to see a view of the city during the day. We had a lot of fun at both towers trying to find all the locations we knew (Jacob
obviously knew most of the area, whereas I could only find the couple of places we’d visited.) This is me pinching Jacob’s undergraduate school, Moody Bible.

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