The Lunch Problem

So I have this little problem. I *hate* packed lunches. Well, it’s more complicated than that.

1. I *hate* microwaves. I always reheat leftovers in a pan or in the oven because I absolutely despise microwaved food.

2. I *hate* eating the same thing multiple times in a row. I always freeze half when I make a large number of servings of something because if I have to eat it more than 2 times in a row I go kinda nutty. But only buying enough to make 1-2 of some lunch item isn’t especially economic either. Gotta reuse ingredients for more than one meal!

3. I reallllly like buffalo chicken wraps which are available in my lovely work cafeteria on Wednesdays. This doesn’t really help my wallet or my diet.

So, I’m wondering… anyone have any ideas for me? I’m not too picky in terms of ingredients, it’s just the manner of preparation that’s tricky.

For now, I’m going to try…

1) A BLT on pumpernickel bread.

2) A cucumber sandwhich on pumpernickel bread (,161,134177-253194,00.html)

3) A chicken fiesta salad (


One thought on “The Lunch Problem

  1. Try separating different lunch meats into 1 or 2 lunch sized portions, then freeze them in freezer ziploc bags. Then you can switch it up throughout the week. You could also bake some chicken breasts with your favorite seasonings and cut/shred it, then freeze it in small portions. You could make chicken salad one day, chicken wraps another day, etc. Hope you find something yummy that works!

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