Vacation Adventure: God, Sports and the Arts

Note: This post was typed while out of town, so I thought I would just move the publish date until I was safely home from my adventure.

Sunday July 24, 2011

[insert picture] What a specatcularly spectacular day we had!First we went to Jacob’s old church, Covenant, where I about converted myself to Presbyterian. What a gorgeous and soul-refreshing place. Jacob and I were much ministered to through the gorgeous surroundings, the lofty echos of song, and a wonderful sermon about fear, control and faith.

The next landmark of the day was the most AMAZING Cubs game EVER. Anyone who says
baseball is boring has never been to a game like today’s. (Which includes me, I’m afraid, before today.) They made a baseball fan out of me! I like it better than even hockey and basketball!

And we rounded the day off with a live performance of Romeo and Juliet by Shattered Globe. Amazing. The characters knew mulitple roles and the audience voted for who played who. Quality, especially since the actors were screaming their lines to be heard. I was quite impressed, amused, and moved.

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