Vacation Adventure: Traveling

Note: This post was typed while out of town, so I thought I would just move the publish date until I was safely home from my adventure.
Saturday, July 23, 2011

What an adventure we’ve had getting up to Chicago for vacation!

We left Friday afternoon and made really good time, until we hit the terrible rain. We passed one place where the opposite direction was totally closed because it was under several feet of water (our side was fine). And then we got a flat. There was a terrible road and we hit a couple bad batches before the tire blew. We immediately pulled over and changed to the donut, and then drove to the closest hotel. I was exhausted and started crying, and Jake got me to bed and made an appointment with the mechanic in town the next day. Just as we were drifting off to sleep he said, “Huh, I think Dustin used to live about 30 minutes from here. We should see what he’s up to” and sent a late night text. (Dustin is one of Jake’s roommates and very close friend’s from college.)

Then this morning, we were getting our tire fixed when Dustin texted back. Instead of 30 minutes, he lived 5 minutes down the road! He drove right over and we had a really wonderful breakfast catching up with him. I’m so glad that if God’s going to give us a flat tire, it could allow us to spend several hours with a friend. 🙂 That was the best flat tire I’ve ever gotten, for sure.

Then we drove up to the city. It was another 3 hours before we arrived at our gorgeous, comfortable, clean, happy hotel with working A/C and legit Wi-Fi. (We’ve stayed in some doozies before and this was a wonderful and much needed change.)
We walked around the city for several hours today, and then met up with our friend George for amazing Lou Manatti’s deep dish pizza. The service left something to be desired (They were rushing us) but the pizza and the company was awesome!
I’m sitting here in my bed now – exhausted and very happy. My diet is fairly shot for the day, but I had an awesome time and am really happy for this delightful vacation!

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