Diva Garden Year 2

I haven’t really blogged about the garden this year – mostly because it started out as an utter failure. All our seed pods rotted, we had to buy some plants at the farmer’s market, and then the tornado hit, and it’s been so hot that everything is dying… and yet…
The flower garden in the front yard looks great, and our butterfly bush is working. There were easily 20 butterflies on it this past weekend.

The garden is really starting to look good. It looks like we’ll have potatoes, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, cayenne peppers and maybe a handful of bush beans. I’m really glad we decided to space the plants out this year. We’re having a lot higher success rate.
My lettuce mixture is also doing nicely and i think I’ll be able to start using the greens soon in salads, yum.
Even the composter that Jake and I designed and built is going really well. Look at all those worms and all that black gold! (I’m hoping Jake will write a guest post with our design plans for this compost along with what we learned.)
But most importantly are the blackberries. Now, you should know that blackberries, while being one of my favorite foods are a rare delicacy in the Domestic Diva household. They are just too darn expensive! But look at this gorgeous bush we planted last year. It is completely taking over. So please little birds and vermin, please do not eat my blackberries.

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