I know, I know, it’s been a full week since that thing blew through. I need to blog about it. People have been asking how it was, how we’re doing… So here goes it.

We’re fine, by the way. 🙂
Things I learned Last Weekend When a Tornado Tried to Knock Down My House:

1. Tornadoes do not always sound like trains.
My experience was that the pressure change caused my ears to ring. So I didn’t hear a train, or my husband trying to tell me to put my head down and cover my spine with a pillow. All I heard was my own sobbing and the incredible ringing in my ears. Jake however, who did not have ears ringing, also could not hear a train.
2. Tornadoes come heck-a fast.
My parents called at 3:17 to tell us that a tornado was in a nearby town. I started putting pillows, candles, water, and a dog bed in the bathroom. They called again at 3:34 to tell us the tornado was on the nearby highway. We, thankfully, were already camped out in the bathroom at this point. I hung up the phone, the power went out, the pressure dropped, my front window popped out, and a giant WOOOSH of wind came underneath my bathroom door. By 3:41, when we called my dad back, we were outside surveying the damage. The moral of this story is: When your parents worriedly call to tell you there’s a tornado nearby, you better have already moved, cause you won’t have time.
3. 30 seconds can be utterly terrifying.
The tornado was over so fast, and yet, I spent most of the next day reliving it OVER and OVER again. Jake finally took me out of the house just so I could calm down.
4. The tornado and damage could have been SO much worse and there’s nothing we could have done about it.
This is the part that upsets me the most. My sweet coworker, Niha, finally told me to stop thinking about the what-ifs and I’ve been trying to follow that advice. So briefly, I’ve just realized that the tornado came right down our street. If it had been a category 2 or 3 instead of a category 1, our house would have a lot worse than a little roof and siding damage.
5. There are too many pine trees in this state.
I mean really. Those things fall down so easily and they are EVERYWHERE!!
6. We have a REALLY good insurance company
They have been so helpful and it really took the stress off when we realized how well they were taking care of us.
7. And most importantly… I learned that tomatoes are tornado proof.
Okay, seriously though. The tornado took my shingles, my siding, my shutter, and most of my privacy fence… but 2 feet away, my tomatoes we planted that morning are in perfect condition!! Ridiculous!

2 thoughts on “Tornado

  1. I am so sorry you had to deal with all of this. As far as #4, this reminds me of the (lightning strike) house fire we had back in '97 when we lived in Cary. I was terrified of thunderstorms before that happened, but oddly enough now I don't mind them as much because I think the most important thing I learned from that experience is that God really demonstrated He was in control the whole time. Same with the tornado. Lots of things COULD have happened, but God was and IS in control and is watching over you both. Rest in that knowledge. That doesn't mean I don't still get nervous sometimes when the lightning gets especially close, and I do get freaked out by tornadoes, but ultimately I remind myself that God is the creator of all things, including the weather, and He knows what He is doing.

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