From the Mouths of Babes

My husband and I have had an ongoing banter about the rise of the “Green” movement. He says it’s becoming “the new morality of the day”, and I say that’s just silly, but even if it was, who cares?! If people take care of the environment because it’s popular, or they think it’s necessary to be a good person, does it make the environment any less cared for?

Well, I may be starting to change my mind, after this conversation heard at the grocery store the other day. I know I have a tendency to exaggerate conversations but I tried *REALLY* hard to remember this one.

Little boy: “Can I have this candy?” (or whatever it was)
Mom: “No, you were very bad today.”
Little boy: “I wasn’t bad! I wasn’t bad!”
Mom and Dad give him a look.
Little boy: “I won’t be bad for the whole rest of the day! I won’t be bad I won’t be bad! I’ll be green! I’ll be green!”
Dad: …………. “Did…. you just say “green”? I’m not sure you understand what that word means. Green is not the opposite of bad. It just means you take care of the planet. Good is the opposite of bad.”

So yeah. Maybe we are teaching that green is the new morality. Oops.


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