A Confession

Domestic Diva has a confession to make. I……. hate cleaning! I know I know, I’m a domestic diva! This should probably include some loudly pumping anthem, high heels, and a vacuum… but the truth comes out. I hate it all. I’ll make you fresh bread from scratch, served with some tomatoes from my garden, but please oh please don’t make me do the dishes afterwards! In fact, usually, our laundry only gets done with my poor husband has some important event and he’s out of clean socks, so he does it himself! (and thank goodness for him!)

But I love my vacuum. Do not be confused. I still hate *to* vacuum. But if you’re going to make me do it, I want my wonderful Shark. [In the interest of full disclosure, Shark company has never paid me or contacted me inquiring about a raving review of their product for any compensation. I would gladly accept payment though!]

When Jake and I were looking for a vacuum, we found 2 types as reviewed by Consumer Reports, CNET, and all our random google-ing.
1 – vacuums that worked great, “but I have a dog and it just leaves that pet hair behind”
2 – vacuums that were great for pet hair, but would leave the peice of paper next to it behind.

The Shark Navigator was the only one that claimed to do both well according to the reviews. So we bought it. We’ve had it for close to 2 years now. It picks up dog hair amazingly, it has great suction, it can vacuum rugs, carpets, my hard floors too with the flip of a button. It has a great long cord, so a thoughtfully placed plugin means I can get from my front door, to the back of my kitchen, down the hall and into both downstairs bedrooms without ever unplugging! It’s light enough to move, but sturdy enough to really have some power. And it’s very easy to clean out. (it’s bagless, which was new to me, but I really like how quick and easy it is to dump out.)

And now I better finish cleaning the house before my husband gets home! (Just don’t get distracted and look at facebook… don’t do it…………… *click*)


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