Phrases that a Kinesthetic learner hears a lot

Or at least, *this* Kinesthetic learner. And I am very much one. I can sometimes pick up things by hearing or reading, but if you really need me to understand it, i need to try it myself. Moreso, when I have experiences, I just get the feeling of the situation. This leads to the following conversations:

Is that really what he said?
The answer to this question is almost always “no”. But I have no earthly idea what he actually said. I just remember how I felt about it when he said it and am trying to convey a similiar phrase to you. So yeah, it’s unlikely that the police officer *actually* said, “And if you ever do this again I’ll throw you into oncoming traffic.” But he was really upset and making angry faces and talking in a gruff voice and warning me against repeating my offense. But for the sake of the story, my version is more interesting.

Was it really a thousand people?
Again, the answer to this is most likely “no”. But there were definitely a lot of people. Maybe it was only a hundred. I don’t really know what a thousand people looks like, but it felt like a lot of people.

I wasn’t yelling, *You* were yelling!
Okay, fine, but it felt like you were really angry and an angry voice *feels* like yelling to me. And so I probably started actually raising my voice in return.

I told you that two months ago, but you didn’t believe me.
Really, it’s not that I didn’t believe you, it’s that I didn’t really understand until I watched that tv show/ met that person/ had that same experience. I really did believe you as best as my feeble mind could, but that was so incomplete without the experience itself.

Any others that kinesthetic learners hear? Or phrases that you hear because you’re an auditory or visual learner?

[Update: proof that I am a kinesthetic learner – do you see how many times I wrote “feel” in this post?]


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