Another Children-related Faux Pas

I was with my girlfriends the other night – the same girlfriends where I previously compared their children to my dog… and I had another social gaff.

We were talking about preschools and I mentioned that Jake and I had seen this school that spoke only Spanish during the school day and how we have had lots of conversations about which language our kids should learn, but we thought this was really neat.

I think that it came across as “My Hypothetical children are smarter than your actual children.” Which is not at all what I intended! I meant to say “My husband and I have all sorts of theoretical hopes for our future children and aren’t we so cute and naive.”

But these ladies are some of my nearest and dearest friends and if they aren’t used to the disaster that is my very big mouth by now… well, they should really stop having me over.

It does bring up an interesting thing about being an adult though. Some of us are in college/grad school. Some are married. Some have fulltime jobs. Some jobs are 9-5. Some aren’t. Some have kids. There are all these milestones, and no rules about which ones you have to do, and certainly not which order they go in. Suddenly the people you identify with most are in your “stage of life” instead of your age.

It gets even more complicated when you realize that my husband and I aren’t even in the same stage of life! (Both married, no kids, but I have a 9-5, he’s a grad student.) And when you finally find another couple that is a religious grad student married to a female money making career woman, and you actually enjoy having dinner with them, they go and do something silly, like have a baby.

Well anyway, for now, instead of playing catchup, I think I’ll enjoy where I am, enjoy the crazy stories about potty-training, and try to reduce the trouble my words get me into.


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