A fun project

I’ve been helping out with some website stuff over at http://www.newprotestant.com – a new webmagazine. The website’s nothing fancy, but they are starting an exciting project right now. They’re collecting a new 95 Theses, similar to my beloved Martin Luther’s original. 🙂 (I mean, we did name our dog after his dog – Tölpel. Yeah, we’re kinda sad.)

At any rate, it’s not about Protestant/Catholic… it’s about a new generation of Christians crossing denominations and having open conversation about our problems.

Anyway, I’d love for you to look it over and consider contributing. They’re launching the magazine in July so they’ll need submissions soon so they can start narrowing down and formatting. They’re also looking for Christian art (including photography, poetry, fiction, etc) as well as articles. Submission guidelines coming to the site soon. (submissions@newprotestant.com)

And the website’s going to undergo some pretty drastic changes in the next few weeks/months, but all suggestions can be directed to webmaster@newprotestant.com.


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