Thoughts about Parents

I’ve started reading Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. It is far more captivating and thought provoking than that silly Jane Austen book I was reading yesterday (sorry, Katie! I’ll probably pick it back up soon though.)

Gilead is a letter written by a dying minister to his son. I’m only several pages in and I’ve had so many thoughts. First I thought how neat it would be if, one day, my parents had written me some letter telling me how they really feel about life and the world and all the lessons they learned. How candid and sweet it would be. But then I thought about my relationship with my parents. They are pretty candid now. I decided I would not like to wait to learn all that they had to teach me. I’m very glad that I can call my mom about any problem and she can help me see some reason.

I have a lot of friends who are parents, and while Jacob and I aren’t quite ready to start a family yet, I do think about it. I think I want to be the kind of parent who talks openly with my kids. I’m a real, flawed person. I have opinions and desires and experiences. I hope that I’ll have the sort of candid and constant relationship with my child that I don’t need to write a letter for when I’m gone. I hope my children will cooperate with this plan. 🙂

Mom and Dad, thanks for putting up with all my whining, disobedience, and bad decisions over the years. Now that I’m turning into a grownup, I’m starting to realize just how amazing you are and have been to me over the years. Love you guys.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts about Parents

  1. I have really enjoyed this book. Great storytelling, good imagery, and the characters feel very real.

    I have about 100 pages left to read. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it as you continue reading!

  2. If you're referencing Pride and Prejudice, then I'm going to have to stop being your friend. 😉

    Even though sometimes my parents still drive me crazy (because they don't go along with all my crazy plans….), I've realized the same sorts of things, and really super appreciated them more and more over the past years. Their love and wisdom, and the fact that they are strong Christians but are willing to question the mainstream, and encourage us to think for ourselves and find a deeper level of faith than a lot of happy church-goers, has been so good.

    Fortunately, I plan on being perfect, so I won't have to be candid with my kids about the flaws that I don't have. They'll just have to try to live up to me.


  3. Haha- @Emily, it was Persuasion. I don't know, it's the first Jane Austen I've attempted to read (Seen a few movie versions of various books) but… I was struggling to keep focused.

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