Just some random thoughts…

So a lot has been going on lately… I’m considering going back to grad school part time while I work… Best to do these things while you’re young, right? Before there are children and so many responsibilities… I just hope I can get in to the school I want… We’ll see…

And then work has been a little crazy lately. I guess I’m finally just getting a real world picture of my industry. It just takes a little adjustment.
I’ve been thinking a bit lately about why I only write about my “domestic” endeavours on this blog. I guess there are a few reasons.
1 – work is fun and I am certainly passionate about what I do, but I cannot figure out a single way to describe what I do on a day to day basis to a non-programmer without getting a look like I’m a crazy person. And maybe I am. 😉 Still. Makes for a boring read.
2 – Programming is puzzles. Puzzles which I love, but it’s extremely important for me to actually take break when I get home. My mind subconsciously works on these puzzles while I am baking bread, taking a walk… and most frequently in the shower or while I’m napping! It’s just the way my brain happens. So if I come home from an 8 hour day of staring at a software bug, and then write all about it on my blog, well… I’m pretty much guaranteeing I won’t have it figured out by tomorrow.
3 – The name of the blog, after all, is DOMESTIC Diva. Not Awesome programming lady diva.
I guess all I wanted to say is that I love blogging about my crazy mishaps in the kitchen. I really enjoy all these little hobbies I’m picking up lately. But I do my job not just because it supports us, not just because I’d be bored without it, but because I really do love programming. I just need some hobbies too.

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