Domestic Endeavors

Well, I just had to write a post to brag about my first domestic diva win!! I made a wreath!! Entirely out of a metal coathanger, some flowers from the dollar store, and packing tape! And it looks awesome! I’m hoping to find a wreath hanger tonight, but in the mean time:

And then we had birthday cake situation. You know what, I’m going to call it a win. Sure, the cake was a box mix. Sure, the frosting came from the store. And yeah, the cake did have a giant gap in the side between the layers.. but for the first time ever, I made a cake, leveled it (or attempted to), and decorated it, without crying, throwing a temper tantrum, or needing Jake to come rescue me and the cake! And how diva is it, if you’re always falling apart anyway?

So see, friends? If even I can have an occasional success, so can you.

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