Jacob and I celebrated our one year anniversary today. Last night, around 11:30pm, I grabbed him by the shoulders and exclaimed, “Jake, we only have 30 minutes left in our first year of marriage! It’s all downhill after this!!” He laughed. 🙂

It really was a lovely day. We went to his parents church to hear a guest speaker he was interested in, then went to breakfast before heading to our own church, where he taught Sunday school.

We had an excellent lunch – homemade pizza and wedding cake! The pizza had homegrown herbs, tomatoes and jalepenos on it! Yum. And the cake actually tasted pretty good for being in a freezer for a year.

And he took a few minutes to tell me what he loves and appreciates about me and told me he was so glad we’d spent the last year together. I think I’m starting to believe him.


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