Garden and The 4th

I mostly just want to show off some pictures.

The garden is doing EXCELLENT!! We picked like 12 cucumbers last weekend and another 14 this weekend (but two were overripe and had to be thrown into the compost). Jake built me this awesome fence for the garden too – it really looks great!

We’ve also been getting some grape tomatoes and lettuce… the big tomatoes are just refusing to turn red! I even have a couple of okras and a few baby peppers that I hope grow up soon.

I also had an excellent 4th of July! We bought a picnic basket and my parents gave us a picnic table for our housewarming gift and we sat outside and ate delcious sandwiches. Then we walked over to the park and watched the fireworks. It was wonderful!

Sometimes life is just so fun. I hope these are the moments we remember forever.


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