Season’s Gleanings

My husband asked me “You’re going to blog about the cucumbers and the bread together? What are you going to call it? ‘Season’s Gleanings’.”

Well, now I am!!!
So. Cucumbers and bread.
I wasn’t even going to blog about my sad looking loaf of Rosemary Garlic bread, but when I got home, my husband had demolished an entire loaf of it, so I thought that regardless of looks, it must taste yummy enough to be posted here. I purchased “Brenard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads” on (for like $5, woohoo!) and attempted to make one last night. It turned out okay – I need to buy some wheat flour and next time I won’t smoosh it after it’s risen… and I’ll probably try some fresh rosemary… but all in all, not a I was pretty pleased with how my first breadmaking attempt turned out.
And cucumbers!! Tonight we picked our first cucumber and a couple of lettuce leaves (for our burgers.) Oh my my my. If I can ever get everything growing, I have lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalepenos and celery – that would be the best salad EVER! Oh and if my carrots ever grow….
So tonight, we nomed on our bread and cucumbers 🙂 cheap and DELICIOUS.

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