Compost Fail

Today, after what we shall refer to as a “worm ordering fail” (ladies and gentlemen, please check that an internet company hasn’t gone under before trying to order products from them.), I FINALLY got my pound of red wiggler worms in today.

As my compost was beginning to outgrow its existing (closed but aerated) bin, I decided to put it in a bigger (open) bin for the worms to get to work to. Remember how I explained the “good smelling microorganisms” before? Well, we didn’t get any of those, because I have the compost of A THOUSAND POOPY DIAPERS! (Actually, I might prefer the diapers…)

We’ve learned a few more things about composting tonight via the interwebs, and I thought I’d share. Balance the compost – people refer to this as “wet/dry”, “green/brown” or “nitrogen/carbon”. Too much fruit and grass makes you have a wet, green, smelly, nitrogen-y compost. Apparently, instead of recycling those Sunday papers we should be composting them.

We added a lot of “dry” material to the compost tonight and put a lid mostly covering the compost, and we’re just going to pray that the worms eat and the carbon decomposes faster than our neighbors can report us for an “unregistered landfill”. (Apparently you can get fined for this.) If it still smells tomorrow night, we may have to take more drastic action.


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