I would like to begin by explaining the fate of my previous 3 two-layer cakes.

Cake one was a mountain dew pineapple cake (yay Cake Doct0r) for my mom’s birthday. The cake fell and so the pineapple topping was more like soup in a cake bowl. It tasted yummy though.

Cake two was a box birthday cake for my sweet husband. I had just gotten my icing tips and I wanted to make something beautiful. It ended up breaking in half, and while I was slathering icing over the crumbs to “put it back together” and sobbing, while occasionally falling in the middle of the floor…. Jacob finally took it from me and threw it away.

Cake three was another Cake Doctor attempt – this time at a Strawberry cake, for my mother in law’s birthday. This one not only got the soup bowl effect, but it tasted like strawberry powdered milk. Not my best evening…

So onward to cake four. I decided to offer to bring a carrot cake to my grandmother’s house for Easter, because I had seen this very cute decorating video on that I wanted to try. Given the fate of my previous three cakes, I thought I’d do a trial run this weekend, and if it succeeded, take it to a friend’s party later.

Yaaaaay!!! (Note, my husband has insinuated that objects in pictures may actually be less lovely than they appear.)

But I would just like to proudly state that this cake is totally covered in frosting, the carrots resemble carrots and there is no huge dip in the center. I win the cake making game. 🙂

And if you’d like them, here are the recipes for Carrot Cake, and colored frosting (although the frosting was a little slippery… and a how to decorate video.


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