Currently Playing: The Bird and the Worm – Owl City

I just bought a half pound of worms. Red Wrigglers, they’re called. Ew. So why, exactly, would I have done that? Because Jacob and I have been composting for awhile now… but there are two types of composting. Worm kind and microorganism kind. We were trying for the microorganism kind, but there are 2 key elements:

  • warmth (you only need about 50 degrees)
  • and air

We tried to get air by drilling holes in our composting container and shaking it every day so that it flipped around and got air in there… but we have learned that:

  • Time + Warmth + Not Enough Air = SMELLY microorganisms…

(apparently if we had gotten enough air, the nice smelling microorganisms will compost your food for you. Seriously.)

However, worm composting is faster… worms can compost half their body weight a day… sooo… my 1/2 pound of worms can compost 1/4 pound of food a day. And make baby worms. Yay!

So while this may be more than you ever wanted to learn about my garbage (and smelly composting bin)… well, that’s just too bad for you, I guess. 🙂


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