Couch to 5k!

Currently Playing: Such Great Heights – Postal Service

I heard about this c25k thing a few weeks ago and I wanted to try it. The idea is you take people like me – easily frustrated, hate working out, and completely out of shape, and in 9 weeks, they’re running 5 kilometers (or about 30 full minutes.)

So far I’ve completed 2 days and it’s amazing. You alternate running and walking and me and my doggie run together, and I can actually do it! I downloaded one of the c25k apps for my itouch (it announces when to switch, but it still lets you listen to your own music while you go, which is a big plus.)

I really struggle with self image… I guess a lot of us girls do. But I either attempt some obsessive diet for a few days, or else eat tons of junk food. My husband is extremely encouraging and always tells me that I’m his beautiful girl, but I still struggle. The great thing about this running thing is that I feel so sore and SO GOOD when I get home. It helps my attitude, it helps my hormones and it helps my self image.


One thought on “Couch to 5k!

  1. You go! It is SUCH a great feeling to take control and do something so positive. The bennies from working out are amazing. You will actually add years to your life!

    So best of luck to you!

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