A Garden Girl

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Ever since I was a little girl and I read the American Girl Doll books about Molly and her Victory Garden… I have wanted to grow my own vegetables. My mother in law gave me some seeds so I went ahead and seeded them today (in the middle of my living room, haha.) I’m so excited! I’ve got (if they all come in)

  • 7 Yellow Bell Pepper plants
  • 10 Jalepeno Pepper plants
  • 3 Watermelon plants
  • 3 Early Girl Tomato plants
  • 3 Big Boy Tomato plants
  • 4 Sweet 100 Tomato plants
  • 9 Cucumber plants
  • 10 Celery plants
  • 8 Spinach plants
  • 12 Romaine Lettuce plants
  • 3 Cilantro plants

I am really nervous that I’ll kill everything, but hopefully some of these will grow up to be yummy food. I just can’t imagine how proud I’ll be to know that the cucumber on the table was grown by me!! I can’t wait to move into our new house and get these little seedlings planted. It meets all of my goals of being frugal, healthy and enjoying a new fun hobby!

Cost: Seeds = free (from my Mother in law who had extras); Jiffy Profession Greenhouse =$5.50. Water can = $2.00. Total: $7.50

How To: http://urbanext.illinois.edu/veggies/directory.html <– my vegetable bible… -Domestic Diva


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